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Help Your Patients and Clients Reduce Stress and Anxiety

In today's very active and stimulating environment, individuals often find themselves under great pressure and in the midst of challenging and stressful circumstances. Thus, they are inwardly inspired to seek help from health professionals to remedy the results of stress that manifest mentally, emotionally and physically.

Along with the general treatments prescribed, professionals often suggest that their clients and patients turn to meditation, relaxation and yoga, to help relieve these stresses. However, many people upon leaving the health provider's office, find it difficult to carry through in their search and often fail to encounter the tools and resources necessary to assist them in reducing the emotional response to their stressful situations. That is why The Fifteen-Minute Meditator is so appropriate and useful.

My appreciation for FMM continues to grow over time. As a health provider, I have observed how meditation benefits my clients as a tool they can take with them out of the office.
   Drude Clark
   Certified Hypno-Therapist
   and Biofeedback Practitioner

A doctrine-free meditation exercise, available right there in the health or medical office, is an immediate answer not only for the client or patient, but its uncluttered instructional approach encourages the client to return to the health professional for further consultation and guidance following the standards of his or her educated vision and personal experience.

I suffer from rapid heart beat, and when my pulse was 110 beats per minute I sat down and listened to FMM. Within minutes my pulse rate dropped to 80 BPM and then continued to normalized. Medicine has not always done the job and so I depend upon meditation.
   Karol Spaccarelli
   Special Education LAUSD

To place an order, or to inquire about professional discounts, please contact Sarah Kalvin at or call (818) 421-9068.

My experience ranges from thirty years of teaching yoga to living at a Zen Buddhist monastery for a year. I credit the true experience of my spiritual growth and transformation to the gifted practical guidance of the work of Sarah Kalvin.
   Shelley Piser
   Yoga Instructor

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