About the Fifteen-Minute Meditator

The smooth, direct approach to meditation offered by The Fifteen-Minute Meditator answers the need of modern individuals looking for a 15-minute break from the pressures of education, relationship, illness, job and professional demands. Today, more and more health practitioners are recommending meditation as an effective and inexpensive remedy for physical and psychological stress and the afflictions they engender.

Meditation, the act of finding calm spaces between thoughts, creates theta brain waves, which are present in the brain just before sleep. Experiencing theta brain waves periodically throughout the day can heighten awareness and prepare us for the constant challenges of the day. Without a good night sleep, we can be nervous and irritable through the day. Meditation allows us to reap the benefits of sleep without actually lying down for the night.

Individuals with a busy schedule need just a few minutes meditation before leaving the car or greeting the family. After a hard days work, it can be difficult to shift gears and leave workday pressures behind. As a result, we are not prepared to fully enjoy the personal pleasures of relaxation, entertainment, and quality time with loved ones.

Meditation can also be beneficial before a challenging experience, such as a dental appointment, a test or an examination. Athletes can calm and prepare themselves before a sporting event, and enjoy the wind down.

The benefits of meditation are clarity of mind, balanced emotions and a positive outlook on life. Meditation stimulates the glands in the brain and brings about a well-balanced awareness.

A real and effective answer to the problems of the ages, today more and more people of all walks of life are looking to the calming and healing effects of time honored meditation techniques. Time magazine, in its July 2003 issue, featured meditation on its cover with meditator and actress Heather Graham. Meditation's gentle powers of healing and relaxation are confirmed and substantiated in the article through many pages presenting the findings of scientific reports and studies.

Start reaping the benefits of meditation. Download your copy of The Fifteen-Minute Meditator today!

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