About Sarah Kalvin

Sarah Kalvin, a native of Santa Monica, California, has been a meditator since 1967. Throughout this time, she has studied the world's major religions, researched various meditation techniques, and explored her own spiritual path.

After years of personal study and development, Sarah Kalvin created a simple and innovative practice of meditation that focuses on remaining centered amid the constant stresses of modern life.

World traveler and lecturer, Sarah Kalvin shares her meditation technique in a form which combines ease and insight for the new or experienced student. Her fifteen minute meditation is a concentration exercise, that with daily practice, leaves the meditator with renewed vitality, spiritual insight and calm awareness.

Sarah is available for private instruction and consultation at (805) 653-1174. Her audio recordings bring the benefits of her fifteen-minute meditation to everyone. E-mail her via Sarah@15minutemeditator.com

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